FAQ - Windows and Doors

Q. What is a “U” value?
A. Measures the rate of non-solar generated heat loss. For example, the rate at which heat is lost from inside a heated room to the outside on a cold day. When applied to windows it should be quoted for the entire assembly (denoted Uw), not just the glass. Low Uw-values result in less heat loss and therefore better insulation.


Q. What does SHGC stand for?

A. The fraction of solar radiation admitted through a material and expressed as a number between 0 and 1. When applied to windows it should be quoted for the entire assembly (denoted SHGCw), not just the glass. Low SHGCw-values result in lower heat gain from solar radiation and therefore better effective shading.

Q. What is an IGU?
A. An Insulated Glass Unit is commonly referred to as a double glazed panel (more on Viridian Glass website)

Q. Do Rylock supply suggestions for installing their products?
A. All Rylock products have been illustrated as 'built-in' to four common wall constructions. See the bottom of individual product pages for downloadable technical drawings

Q. Do windows cause condensation?
A. No. The presence of condensation in a building can be attributed to human and atmospheric factors and/or building design. An excellent brochure explaining condensation can be downloaded from the Window Association of New Zealand website, by clicking on this link.

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