Window replacement


When your windows & doors need updating, at Rylock we have a solution. In Melbourne we recommend RylockCare. A specialist replacement company based in the eastern suburbs, RylockCare can replace your old, draughty windows with high performance Rylock products, complete with double glazing.


The trusted team of experienced builders offers a total replacement service that includes architraves, plastering & structural works. Conveniently, they can even turn unwanted window openings into custom doorways. For more information & ideas for your project, call RylockCare on (03) 9584 1966 or email. If you would like to discuss your project in person, Lambes from RylockCare is now working out of the Home Ideas Centre in Clayton, from 11am - 3pm on weekdays.

In Adelaide, we work closely with Rylock Replacements, who again specialise in the replacement of existing windows & doors with Rylock products. For more information & ideas for your project, call Rylock Replacements on 0408 331 072 or email.

For other locations, your nearest showroom will be able to recommend an installer familiar with Rylock products & the exacting standards expected with their installation.