Acoustic Series

With population density increasing throughout our urban environs, intrusive sound is now a common issue. Many councils madate minimum levels of sound reduction to permit new houses, developments or major renovations.

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Fixed Lite Rw 41
Awning & Casement Rw 44
Sliding Window Rw 44
Counter Balanced Double-Hung Rw 43

Sliding Door Rw 45

To meet demand, Rylock have developed a high-performance series of windows & doors which feature secondary glazing for an effective acoustic solution.


Each product within the Rylock Acoustic Series has been tested by CSIRO for performance & compliance. Test results are measured in "Rw", however figures for "STC" & "CTR+Rw" are available on demand.

Packaged neatly as a singular product, each Acoustic Series window features primary & secondary glazing separated by a 100mm air-gap. Naturally, the exterior (primary) element of the window features Rylock's high-performance seals, whilst the (inner) secondary glazing panels slide neatly within heavily-sealed tracks. Sound reduction requirements vary dependant on room usage, so the use of a secondary glazing system may only be necessary for rooms such as bedrooms. Please discuss your requirements with your Rylock Sales Consultant & they will help you find the most practical solution.