Wide Stile Hinged Doors

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To cater for increasingly wider hinged door requests, Rylock has introduced the Wide Stile Hinged Door.


The Wide Stile door is based on the AA Series Open-In & Open-Out door frames. To keep the door square & true with greater sizes, the stile (vertical member) has been increased in width, whilst the bottom rail is twice as deep. Combined, these changes offer a greater bearing surface. This allows door widths up to 1100mm, however only for single-panel doors (no French Doors).

AA Series doors have a powder coated outer frame. This is shielded internally with a hardwood reveal, which makes for an energy efficient door. Double glazing minimises heat loss, whilst specifying a high performance glass in the double glazed panel enhances this already high performance door.

For product features & indicative sizing, please download the brochure below, whilst technical drawings are also available for download.