Awning, Chainwinder

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Effectively and easily control ventilation for your latest project with Rylock’s high performance awning windows. Chainwinders are the most common type of sash control, however latches can be specified for 'push out' style products. With high ceilings, remotely operated actuators allow easy venting of warm air.


Engineered with stainless steel double-action stays, when fully open the sash steps out at the top to encourage airflow. In damp conditions, minimal openings allow ventilation while also offering protection from the rain.

For extreme sized sashes ( ie: tall/thin or short/wide), the Bar Operated type of awning is more appropriate.

This product is based around a 65mm deep outer frame, which is powder coated. It is shielded internally with a hardwood reveal, which makes for an energy efficient window. Double glazing minimises heat loss, whilst specifying a high performance glass in the double glazed panel enhances this already high performance window.

For product features & indicative sizing, please download the brochure below, whilst technical drawings are also available for download.