Energy Efficient Window

Air leakage

When it comes to energy efficient windows & doors, Rylock understands that any performance gained through frame design & glass selection can be quickly offset by air leakage.


Also known as ‘air filtration’, air leakage refers to how well a window or door seals the inside from the out, & is used by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) when calculating star ratings.

To achieve high performance windows – & effectively exclude draughts & water – Rylock products typically feature two seals on every opening element. Each product is glazed with inner & outer seals to prevent draughts & glass rattling.

Standard on all AA Series hinged doors are multi-point lever compression locks, which offer efficient seal compression. In a similar way, our AA Series operated casement windows use multi-point secondary locks to pull the sash against the frame seals for even greater results. The AA Series counter balanced double-hung window has exceptional sealing for this style of product, with air infiltration of less than 1 L/s m2 - outstanding for a 'sashless' style product.


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