WERS Window Energy Ratings Program


WERS is an abbreviation of ‘Window Energy Rating Scheme’, and is a program specific to Australia. Introduced in 1995, WERS is managed by the Australian Window Association. Rylock has participated in WERS since its inception. The following extract from the WERS website gives a brief outline of the intended role of the program.


‘WERS Residential is designed to look specifically at window ratings to improve the comfort of homes.

The main purpose of energy efficiency in a residential application is to reduce the amount of times the heating and cooling appliances are turned on & off.

WERS rated residential windows have star ratings & percentage improvements to help give an easy comparison of windows’.

The WERS star ratings take into consideration more than just the insulation values of product frames & glazing. Effective seals on operable doors & windows or between glazing & frames help prevent the undesirable leakage of cold or hot air. Star ratings recognise this within their values.

Current Rylock custom WERS ratings are available from the WERS website (link)