Energy efficient house design


Whilst the emphasis of this website is on high performance & energy efficient windows & doors, the use of such products within house design is critical to the success of the building. Every building design is unique to location & needs to take advantage of the positive elements of the orientation & climate, whilst minimising the impact of any negatives.


There are a number of government websites dedicated to improving awareness of sustainable building practices, whilst many building designers & architects specialise in this area. With 6 star energy efficiency ratings (for new construction & significant renovation) mandated Australia wide, these factors are more relevant than ever.

Rylock has a long history as a specialist in double glazing & energy efficient windows & glass doors. Our Sales Consultants have great experience in specifying the correct high performance windows for each application. The brochure available for download below gives a brief outline of energy efficient building practices. It also goes on to talk about our work with Solar Solutions Design, a multi-award winning design practice.